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Is There a Good Linux OS for an HTPC?

Sinopse do Livro: STEVE JOBSI do not have any real experience with Linux, but for a long time I have been thinking about building a home theater PC and I really do not believe that Window Media Center is a terribly impressive OS for that purpose. I have read snippets about there being a Linux OS that is designed for the purpose, but I do not know much else. My intention is to see what it would cost to outfit the box with a CABLECARD and the drive you need to use one.

If you do not know what the CABLECARD is it is an ASIC type card which decrypts the signals from your cable company just like your cable box does. (more…)


Learn Computer Programming over the Internet

Apple sin Steve Jobs, en manos de Tim Cook - Actualidad - Alto NivelAs the world economy is going through a tough phase, some of you can be finding it hard to hang on to your current job. Those of who lost your existing jobs may be finding it hard to locate good alternatives for the lost jobs. If you are one of these unfortunate people, you must look at it as an opportunity to gain additional qualifications and thus to improve your job potential. You may be interested in some jobs outside your skillset. If so, this is a good chance to get yourself trained in a new discipline and look at new pastures for better jobs.

If you ever fancied working as a software professional or a computer programmer, you must try it out and see if you can cope with the rigors of the job. (more…)